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1st Annual Beaver Flat “Pickleball” Tournament

1st Annual Beaver Flat “Pickleball” Tournament

Saturday, August 12th – 11:00 a.m. - meet at the Pickleball court

(If the weather doesn’t cooperate it will be moved to Sunday, August 13th)

Enter as a two person team

This year any team combination can enter - young, old, older, male, female

Guaranteed to play three games

WE CAN ONLY ACCEPT THE FIRST 15 TEAMS ENTERED Contact Ron Moser – 313 Smith Crescent, e-mail - or 306 774-3006 Equipment

Paddles will be available if you don’t have your own.

Proper footwear please - The game is played on asphalt Cost: $0.00


BF Reid Contracting (Bill Bresett)
Friends of Beaver Flat
Grumpy Bob's

Basic Rules            Complete Rules

**Contest: Design a BF Pickleball LOGO**

Below are several submissions for the BF Pickleball Logo. 
Get your idea to RON MOSER
E-mail -
Ron’s cell – 306 774-3006
Physical address - 313 Smith Crescent, Beaver Flat, Saskatchewan
Mailing Address - PO Box 88, Stewart Valley, Saskatchewan S0N 2P0